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Transform any industry with Exacto Signage: Engage audiences and streamline communication effortlessly across all digital screens

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What can Exacto Signage do for me?

We are the digital signage software experts. From total support to simple set up, Exacto Signage software will help you improve the way you visually communicate.


Revolutionize retail spaces with eye-catching digital displays. Highlight promotions, new arrivals, and brand stories to elevate the shopping experience


Transform supermarkets with engaging digital displays. Showcase daily specials, fresh produce, and nutritional tips for a modern, informative shopping experience.

Convenience Stores

Elevate the convenience store experience with dynamic digital signage. Highlight quick deals, essential items, and local favorites, making every visit fast, efficient, and enjoyable


Enhance the hotel guest experience with sophisticated digital signage. Display amenities, local guides, and special services, offering convenience and luxury at every touchpoint.


Improve healthcare environments with informative digital signage. Display vital health tips, wayfinding, and facility updates for patients and staff.


Grasping the unique rhythm of your restaurant, Exacto Signage specializes in creating Digital Signage solutions that perfectly harmonize with your dining atmosphere and captivate every guest

Why Exacto Signage? 

A Trusted Solution Since 2011
Exacto has been a beacon of success for over 3,000 businesses and organizations spanning five continents, guiding them in the effective implementation of digital signage

Complimentary Ongoing Support
Our commitment extends beyond just a sale. We offer continuous support, ensuring our skilled team is available at every step to answer all your queries and guide you through.

Effortlessly User-Friendly
Our core emphasis on simplicity drives us to consistently introduce new, user-friendly features, widgets, and apps in digital signage. These enhancements are designed to improve usability and are always available at no additional cost.

Certified & Cloud-Based
Exacto is securely hosted on Amazon's S3 Server, offering a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for server maintenance or investing in costly hardware.

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Boost Your Business Sales.
Transform it with Digital Signage with Exacto

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Real-Time Menu Management

Instant Updates, Effortless Edits: Utilize our intuitive app to adjust prices and menu items on the fly. Keep your offerings fresh and responsive to demand without missing a beat.

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Maximize Profits

Increase Sales by 30%: Experience the profit boost that comes with vibrant, eye-catching digital menus. Join the multitude of restaurants already thriving with Exacto Signage.

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Showcase Your Best Sellers

Dish Out Profits: Entice with visuals that showcase your cuisine's true appeal. Feature your culinary creations with crisp images and videos on our digital menus, making every meal an invitation to indulge.

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Ease of Integration

Seamless Setup, Simplified Operations: Our digital menu solutions integrate smoothly with your existing systems. Enjoy a hassle-free transition to a more dynamic and modern dining atmosphere.

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